toysrevil-exclusive free downloadable dookie-poo arcade set papertoy

With the success of the Dookie-Poo Vinyl Enhancement Paper Kits (which made their debut during NYCC - peep) and also to coincide with the launch of the new Dookie-Poo-starring music video "What You've Become" (directed by Dookie-creator Manny Galan with music by The Montauk Project) - please do allow me to humbly present the Toysrevil-Exclusive Dookie-Poo ARCADE SET for your free downloading pleasure!

Designed and created by "Multiple-Talents"-Manny Galan, the DOOKIE ARCADE Paper Kit includes the coin-eater-game-machine, an additional modular NINTENDON'T Entertainment System and a paper-shirt for Dookie-Poo, who even has an extra tuff of fringe!


Made specifically to enhance the playability of a 4-incher tall Dookie-Poo Vinyl Figure - the Arcade Set is the beginning of a nifty new "experiment", a contest and hopefully fun for folks to enjoy, with their Dookie-vinyl, of coz (Dookie-Poo vinyls can currently be purchased online HERE - distributed by DKE Toys) ... meanwhile CLICK ON IMAGE-TEMPLATE below to download/save template! (size: 2475 x 1575)

*and send pictures when you're done too!*


Steve Talkowski said...

This is EXTREMELY Dookie-COOL!

Kenneth Belasco said...

You rock!

toysrevil said...

I'll thank both you kind gents on behalf of Manny and Dookie! :)

Alberto Ruiz said...

My girlfriend and I love DOOKIE! This is awesome idea for the clothing. Like having new toy.

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