May The 4th Be With You :)

Call For Submissions: #drawajawa & #drawawookie for #MayThe4th 2016


toysrevil blog icons

- just in case, like, folks wanna use some to linketh to my blog, maybe? (*nudgeth*).
- Click on each to embiggen, download, resize and use (all images in GIF-format tho).
- Linked to or - Thanks! :)


EDAYE said...

I like the first icon the best especially for a t-shirt. With that said, you should drop some of these designs on or and set up a shop for your readers to purhase some goods. It will cost you nothing and they will ship also. It can help you generate some revenue to keep your site going. I am sure many here would cop a tee from you..

JpuyasL said...

You Should Put One Of This Icons In Your Group In Facebook...

Wolud Be Nice Too...

toysrevil said...

@Eric > thanks sir! Will def look into that soon! :)

@JpuyasL > actually, that was the first thing I did! I added them via my own facebook album but nothing is showing up on the group-page! been trying to sort that out since the day i started the group and it's still frustrating me to hell gggrrrrr

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