A Peek Inside The TOYSREVIL-HQ


This is why it is a chore to attempt to blog and cut/stick/paint lil toys at the same time
as they both share the same space. I have since learnt to raise-up the keyboard, so
lil bits-n-pieces of loose toy-scraps do not get stuck inside the grooves of the keys.


Why I cannot blog nor attempt to customize/paint/draw when I snap pics of toys
at the same time as they ALL share the same space ... So now you know :p


John"Spanky"Stokes said...

I know what the blurred toy is :-)


@John ~ aw man, hope tis not too obvious? hahaha lockdown mode hahaha

Argonautresins said...

That maybe a Destroyer custom blurred out??? Don't post any Sam Fout stuff yet I have a exclusive for you. I will email it later.

Nori Toy said...

Space seems to be a rare expensive commodity there in Singepore. I have no idea how much $$ I would have to make just to have a decent apartment there or even a space to display my toys. At least you have managed to make your space work for you.

unliked said...

love the space... absolutely! and the white IKEA lampan! this is how workplaces should be.. now i finally know where all those tweet blasts come from and redden up my timeline :)

Tam said...

And knowing is half the battle. G.I. JOE!!!

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