TV-EYE Custom-Feature: "eye tv pixel” by cikcuk


TV-EYE NAME: “eye tv pixel
CUSTOMIZED-BY: cikcuk @ / Facebook
COMPLETED-FOR: TV Eye Toy Launching Exhibition & Custom Show: Happy Shocks, Victim Shakes, Guerillas Rawks by indieguerillas @ Lou Belle Shop [What / Launch Images / TV Eye on TOYSREVIL]

[Material: resin, stainless steel, wood]

CUSTOM-STORY: by this custom, it was important to go one step further then in the previews customs, where the characteristics focused characters/cikcuk faces. Now characters are still attached to the eye tv pixel custom, but the development lies in the triangle/pyramided shapes. Regular the triangles are the teeth of the cikcuk characters and are already become a signature when they are used separately, then in the number of five and in the color c,m,c,c,c or m,c,m,m,m. If the triangles are used in 3d form, than they need to transform, from a 2d flat form into a 3d/geometrical form which is logically a pyramid and related to the name, in that case also to be seen as pixel because a normal squared pixel does not exist in the cikcuk design language. The pyramids already appeared in previews customs and become more and more important in the development of cikcuk.


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