Upcoming New Toys on TOYSREVIL (Feb/18/2011)


Luke Rook of Luubell Toys shares with us the final sculpt for Debris, Restore's evocative soft vinyl figure version of "ONI". Included in the mix as well are paper money, metal cuffs and cloth fundoshi - all the trappings of a demon on Earth, heavy Japanese lore-style. Expect a March / April release, as well color variations and "surprises" (which I reckon might well mean the character waking up at night beside you and nibble on your ear!)

Do check out to peep more fantastical imagery, including an earlier incarnation by sculptor Junnosuke Abe.



Jin & Jorge @ Dorimuko drops updated snaps of their "Toshikage" prototype (last featured here as raw sculpt). Standing 5 inches tall, currently quantity is still being determined for the figure (how about a TOYSREVIL-Edition/Colorway? muahahaha). Meanwhile, if I miss any updated, you can check out their production blog at


Rummaging thru the Toy Art Gallery blog (while searching for custom previews for Alien Argus, a lost cause btw), I'd serendipitously come across a coupla sneaks for a new "Bronze From TAG" (with the image-name "Happiness" aaawww), featuring what seems to be a femme fig in a oh-gosh-cute-stance. Looking very Kaijin, and adorable!


With the launch of the NYC♥Qee Toy Fair Party at Yoyamart, folks had a chance to see the new 7 inch clear-plastic wee, featuring a custom-anatomy by Jason Freeny (above-right, teased before). Yes, this is the beginning of the new 7" Clear Qee Collection - each sporting new articulation, no less. Also note that the Qee custom was made with this earlier image in mind.

Custom Works on TOYSREVIL (Feb/18/2011)


We first saw Olla Boku's LULU CAKE BUNNY GIRLS as an illustration in our CNY-special post, now the adorable cake-lover had become a Valentine Day's plush available via for a ridiculously affordable price at US$20 per this one-of-one edition toy. So what are you waiting for?


Plaseebo offer an Ultra Limited NIGHT GAMER edition by Jay222 created in his unique signature style. This is an Edition of only six sets world wide. There are two custom 6" high vinyl  figures in each set. All of the figures in these sets are hand built customs by Jay222 that incorporate the original vinyl Night Gamer figure parts in each.


Signed by Jay on the base of the feet ~ the availability of these customs will be a will be a blind lottery. The sets will be randomly numbered 1 thru 6 by Plaseebo. The first buyer will receive set #1, the second buyer will get set #2, and so forth. Cross your customs-loving fingers and head on to the Plaseebo webstore at on Friday February 18th.  The intense customs will be priced at US$400.00 per set of 2. Note that these are the second series of custom-collaborations between the two gents since 2010's Halloween (which I missed out as I was lying in hospital bed!), so do not miss out this time around!


From French designer Gonthier Olivier aka FAKIR DESIGN comes a custom that warms my classic anime-lurving heart … presenting TATTOOTORO! Miyazaki's beloved Dragon Cat stays relevant after it's two decade earlier movie incarnation, with Fakir's adaptation unto the NedZed *-incher tall form (always liked the form too, from Toy2R - designers by Rolito - whatever happened to him actually?), including attitude tattoos to give it cred! Delicious, and left me smiling as wide as the cat! Come to think of it, the backpack on this Totoro-design, would actually make a decent sequel-story to the anime, wouldn't it? A "Travelling Totoro" sotry for the new millennium@ Meanwhile, as you ponder the possibilities, check out more snaps via 320 € will score you this 1-of-1 edition custom on Dirty Cream.


"Tesselate Sam" (my new name for Sam Millen aka Tesselate) is on a custom-Dunny-roll, with his fourth work ready to be released Feb 22nd at 6pm GMT online via

"Bobby the Trespasser" comes hand painted with acrylic and Posca Paint markers, and finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer. Check out more snaps of the Bobster via Flickr.


From Saner Flores comes an image of his new custom-Munny "RostroJaguar". It is always interesting to see an attests' work beyond production releases, of which Saner has quite a few with Kidrobot! Check out more of his works via, and if you fancy the above 7" custom, it is yours for $400 dls - email to seal the deal!


With the upcoming "Most Wanted Dunny Series 2" looming close. here's a quick teaser image of the "Golden Ticket" 8-inch Dunny from a collaboration between Tim Munz and Simon Waller. Nice and appreciative find on the inbox. methinks!


Dubbed "The Tiger of Santa Julia", Frank Mysterio's custom-Munny can be seen in detail on his Flickr. He added: "…that name is a character from Mexico, that was supposed to be a robber and had many good women is nothing but inspired by his nom de tiger." ~Nifty tiger!


Remember Jennipho's "Ice Cream Dunny" customs from 2010? Well, she's back in 2011 (at least on this humble blog anyways) with a new form and theme, this time vibing the Batle Arenas of the Cosmos? No details were given for these sculpts, but they sure look like they've been thru a ell of a ringer!


Rotobox Vinyl Anayomica shares with us two teaser banners for their upcoming customs to be released by March - featuring a MegaMunny (Sold before even it has been revealed!) and a third Jumbo Machinder Custom, as well sold! So no need to dig into your cyber-wallets folks, just stay tuned to gawk!



ALR interviews Private First Class Rupert Valero on Frontline Customs. Rupert is stationed at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Wilson in Khandahar, Afghanistan - who has been producing toy figures based on recycled materials, and from these images, they look awesome! Also look for Rupert's work for sale on his Etsy, as well more of his work on Flickr. (Cheers for the headsup, Jia Hong!)


From Toybot Studios comes Kirkland's Alien Argus custom, featuring Onell Design and Monster Kolor, in an insane cacophony of Japanese sci-fi B-Movie aesthetics with exploding colors, vibrant unto the necha-kaiju concept, deliciously personified by the lift-open top of the Argus to reveal it's navigator! Dude, you need to film a video of the cockpit opening!


STORY: DYADRONE represents the world wherein good and evil go well together. It signifies mankind’s duality and it being a key to survival. In our pursuit of being truly human, we become a monster too – consciously or unconsciously. Failure to accept this may lead to, worse, more evil. We just have to learn how to play both parts so we can face well whatever ironies of life there are. May it be happiness or grief, victory or failure, life or death.


DYADRONE is a custom 10 inch Alien Argus by Jan Calleja for the Feb 26th Argus Custom Show @ Toy Art Gallery. DYADRONE is amazingly awesome, isn't he? And still on Jan's custom-case, have you seen his MAD HELLCAT "Dogfighter"?


STORY: MAD HELLCAT - This DOGFIGHTER is the nemesis for ZEROMAN. During WWII The Mitsubishi Zero was the warplane to beat in the Pacific until the American F6 Hellcat came. More heavily armored and faster, the zero met its match.


MAD HELLCAT is a 7 inch Celsius custom that takes its design cue from the F6 Hellcat. (Featuring photography from Ang Litratista Studios). If you are late to the game, check out WHO Jan is in my earlier interview with the Philippines artist HERE!


Jon-Paul Kaiser's STOMP-custom (on the 3" mini-form) did the internet-rounds earlier this week (and believe it, it traveled far and wie, as all JPK-customs do), and now finds it's way unto the humble TOYSREVIL-blog, and regardless of timeline, a good custom is still a good custom, no? Awesome work as ever, JPK!

JPK-blogged: "He was translucent when I received him, and a lot of the details of the terrific sculpt were lost so I decided to try and bring the character and design out more with the paintwork."


Customizer TazX just keeps going, and he has another new 3" custom-Dunny called "Steel Ninja" in two versions, Regular (Sold) and the US$60 "Battle Damaged" version you can buy here. As well there is still a new teaser on the site, of a new 3" Dunny to come. Keep on going, TarzX!


Shortly after thus Hello-Kitty custom, Nakanari offers up yet another 5" MadL-custom, this time featuring Ninja Spiki ~ available via from Feb 19th.

"Spiki is a super ninja in his mind, and he spends his time daydreaming of how he might save the world on different occasions. Whatever he tries to do is accomplished in a humorous manner- he's a lovable character with good intentions but sometimes not quite as skilled as he might think.  In the end, though, he comes through and saves the day!"


And apparently I was utterly wrong! The earlier teaser from Noferin were not production pieces, but instead custom-painted Jibibuts for myplasticheart's NEW MOON show! More images via Noferin Flickr, or go direct to procure them here.


Chris Ryniak's work-table with sculpts galore for Japan's Monsters & Misfits show. How many times can I say "impressive" before you believe me?

The World Of Toys on TOYSREVIL (Feb/18/2011)

Toy2R USA lets loose with a promo-video showcasing their new 5" Mini Qee DIY-form (which just saw a VDay launch at Yoyamart) as created by Local Hero Design. Should be doping more teasers like this, as far as I am concerned :)


February 16th saw the release of WWR GRUNTS from ThreeA Topys - fully loaded out and making their way across the ragged battlefields in four editions: Desert, Stealth, Deep Powder and DIY ~ both as Singles (US$120 each) or 4Pack sets (US$430). As well there was a special 3AA edition, along with it's very own Square (aptly-*gasp* @ US$150) - so collectors had their work cutout for them! Meanwhile, this is the text from the earlier 3A-emailer:


PRODUCT-TEXT: The War machine needs fresh meat to drive it fetid gears, presenting the WWR Grunt, footsoldier of Earth! The WWR Grunt is a fully articulated 1/6th size figure (12"), each colorway comes with a shotgun, machine gun, pistol and a big ol bag O hate for Mars. Oh yea, the Jungle Ranger also comes with a machete, chop chop !

Available 16th Feb at 9-00am Hong Kong time, only at
The Grunt comes as single boxed figures or in a 4 pack with slip. Single figures cost $120usd, the 4 pack will cost $430usd. The 3AA Exclsuive Jungle Ranger + Square set costs $150usd. All these prices are before 3AA discount and all include worldwide shipping. 3AA Members have a 24 hour period to order all toys. *this is a pre-order, the Grunts will ship June 2011, these Grunt colorways will not be seen at retail and are exclusive to Bambaland.


"He eats your  instruments and farts sweet tunes." ~Amanda Visell offers up the Jamboree version of the "What-did-i-eat-ephunt" vinyl figure set. Limited to 300 pcs, you can score yours own online via for US$70 per.

"This monster is based off of a limited edition wood sculpture I made a while ago and my second self produced vinyl. Each vinyl figure comes with a baby elephant and 3 delicious plug ins. Buy 'em all n mix n match! This is a figure you can actually kind of play with, just dont eat anything. Thats his job!"


A collaboration with with Happycloud Thunderhead (aka Daniel Allyn Lee) and Italian-designer Makkinoso (aka Patrick Aleotti) saw his HOBIE become a plush! Standing 13 inches tall, the eyeful-plush was limited to only 3 pieces available via for US$60 each.

UK-based Monster Workshop presents "Oak", the latest rehabilitated monster, ready for adoption on - priced at £120 per for a limited run of 6 plush monsters.


Oak's story: "One brisk Sunday morning in January, a young family walked their old loyal dog Giles.  Suddenly Giles pulled free and dashed off into the trees of hampstead heath. The family followed Giles' yelps until they found him, barking up a large oak tree at a terrified monster.  The dad clambered up into the tree and saved the unusually antlered creature and then brought him into us, at Monster Workshop. Much to the disappointment of the children and Giles."


From the Netherlands-based Mariska Vos-Bolman comes new plush Fluffels Piko and Pika, each priced at 14,95 euro each, and are both made from soft fabric and polyfil (100% polyester). Both stand 28cm in height and needs your hugs!


From Solya and Asha comes their finished new psychiatric art toy, dubbed: "Patient №2". Released on Feb 15th, the figure itself is made of acrylic plastic and dyed with acrylic, Version 1 features: The girl (patient number 2) + medical history and all this is packaged in a cardboard box. Height of toy 5.5 inch (13 cm). - Priced at US$35 (+ International shipping $15)
Version 2 features: The girl (patient number 2), her chamber (wood room, please pay attention - in the House included the light!), medical history and all this is packaged in a cardboard box, Height of toy 5.5 inch (13 cm), chambler 9 * 7 inch (21*16 cm.)  - Priced at US$70 (+ International shipping US$20). The lighted-up dioramic chamber is a nice touch, I haveta say. Score yours online via http://


"Puppy Cow" had me in stitches, this fine Thursday afternoon, as illustrated by cartoonist Jamie Noguchi. And as a plush toy, "This bovine canine is the most adorable abomination this side of the farm.  He/she/it loves hugs and words of encouragement." ~Standing 7 inches tall, DKE Toys currently distributes the US$15 plush. And you can check out the animation at = And the Puppy Cow plush was a result of a Kickstarter campaign too, imagine that!


The GreeNee family are a colorful and cheerful bunch of characters based on the design of a 6-year-old girl. They are all about being green. Each member of the family is devoted to a different cause in the Green movement. The GreeNees are approx 10'' plush toy made with 100% certified organic cotton, and are currently distributed by DKE Toys, with a SRP of US$15 per.


Mr. GreeNee is the head of the family and the lead fighter for the cause of global warming.
Mrs. GreeNee, although pink, has adopted the cause and devotes herself to everything organic.
Val GreeNee is bright red and shaped like a heart. She is a devoted animal lover and rescuer.
Henry GreeNee, the youngest member of the family, is flaming orange and all about solar power.
Dakota, the family dog, is a recycling machine.
Gap, the cat, water conservationist


PRODUCT-PRESS: "The sun is shining, plants are blooming, birds are singing, and love is in the air... that can all only mean one thing in the world of Blamoville, VALENTINE'S DAY is here!"

Mikie Graham spreads the toy-lurvin' with a series of hand-paints with "Valentine Swampy", complete with lovely-dovey forehead-hearts (for your to gently rub on) on the 7" sculpt ~available on for US$105 for only an edition of 5 figures!


Released on Valentines Day back was the RBST x SOMR Cubeecraft: Mayer Hawthorne papercraft, of which you can download for free via ERiK also mentioned: "The Jordan 3s were his specific request!"

What's Happening In The Art & Toy World (Feb/18/2011)


The Beauty & The Kaiju Mini-Exhibit currently showing at Rotofugi is curated by MaxToyCo's Mark Nagata, and features work from Mark Nagata himself, Konatsu, Namiko Sonobe, Sachko Yabe, Hiroe, Jobolubo & Theresa Chiba. This exhibition pairs up six female Japanese artists (mentioned above) for their take on the Max Toy Company characters like Eyezon, Drazoron, etc. Each artist will feature artwork plus customized figures, and prints. The online preview is currently online for your collective gawking pleasures, a select few images of which are posted here to tantalize you. The show exhibits thru March 6th, 2011.


The Beauty & The Kaiju show first actually debut in Tokyo circa December 2010. Curator Mr Nagata's got it covered here, as well as the Rotofugi show here, imgaes of which are reposted here as well (And you can read up on the artists on Toy Karma).


Event snaps of the "Contemporary Art" solo show [blogged] featuring Luke Chueh viewable on igneusgero, as taken by sister Kim Chueh - where you will find more snaps of the 6-footer Possessed 1000% Sized fiberglass sculpt (of which 15 pcs were made produced by Munky King). The description of the art series were a def nice touch, as well snaps at the "Audience Participation Templates" (fast becoming a staple for wannabes at various art event outings - hey I've had my own version, so I ain't raggin' on anybody hahaha).



"When Worlds Collide" is a group custom show launching at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland USA, on Feb 24th, featuring the combined works of 7 artists, as curated by Josh "f+" Pierce. The impressive invited cohorts includes: DrilOne, ZAM, Map Map, Nerviswr3k, Chauskoskis and Kevin Gosselin. ~Looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Loveliest event poster tho, totally irreverent to the lineup of selected artists, as only envisioned by Map Map. "When Worlds Collide" exhibits thru March 24th, 2011. Some swiped sneaks from Map Map (top) and Nerviswr3k (bottom) for your perusal:


[Facebook events / thanks for the einvite Andria]


THE PITCH: Up next at the Workshop we have our first ever REC ROOM with Rainbow master of ceremonies Bwana Spoons. Reserve your spot here! If you've been to a workshop before you're discount will work on this one. If you know Bwana's art you know you'll be hanging with the best. He's brings SETS of killers and hanging with you Saturday March 12 from 11am-4pm. You guys are taking over our shop and making crap!

Heres what you're gettin'
-Hang with the RainbowMaster(bater)
-customize some killer killers and make them more killer
-tea time and snacky lunch
-make more art!
-play with back drops n take some fun pics
-take magic home!
This is a hands on playtime, 20 spots, $100 fee, $50 materials. Go get em!


I remember very vaguely that watching Watership Down made me cry (but with vague memories like these, only the emotions thereafter remains). And now for the Year of the Rabbit, Gallery1988 prepares to celebrate the said concept from Roger Adams in a groupart exhibition named INLE, launching March 11th. Featuring a 100-strong list of artists with works featuring long-eared critters, as curated by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. Tis the previews and montaged that ultimately caught my eye. And here are some previews. DailyDujor has the artists lists (most previews via).

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