Sneak Peek at Sucker Punch Girls in 1/6 by Hot Toys


Spotted on the Hot Toys Cimmunity FB is what seems to be images of upcoming "Baby Doll" and "Amber" figures from the movie Sucker Punch by Hot Toys? I wonder if they will be unveiled before or event at San Diego Comic Con (www) - beyond the trio of Toy Fair Exclusives revealed thus far: Iron Man 2: Mark IV, Shadow Predator and Batman Begins. A long time coming tho, and with the movie nearly forgotten by the masses, SDCC would be an opportune time to release at the very news to genre-fans who flock the annual event, no?


Color Ink Book for San Diego Comic Con 2011


The Brothers Washburn ( will be sorting out fans with a myriad of products and offerings this year at San Diego Comic Con (www) - from prints to toys, they got it covered. Toys-wise, they will be releasing a colored and a grey-scaled plush Rayola from Travis Lampe, as well as a SDCC 2011 exclusive TOXIC mini Lurker. Designed by Skinner, this GREEN GLOW in the DARK (colorway) is limited to 50 (Figure size undetermined).


(Above) SDCC 2011 exclusive covers for Color Ink Book Volume 12 by Brandi Milne, Camillia d’Erric, Chris Ryniak and the regular Color Ink Book Volume 12 cover by Tara McPherson. (Below) The 150pcs-limited SDCC 2011 exclusive Color Ink Book X (Greg Craola Simkins) Imscared tee is on a first-come first-served basis, while supplies for both SDCC 2011 exclusive prints by (New York artist) Mike Die and Alex Pardee are deemed to be "extremely limited". Plus apparently there might be a "few surprises", so make your way to Booth #5569. Check out the signign schedules directly below.


The Brothers Washburn / Color Ink Book at BOOTH # 5569 Signing Schedule:
11am – 12pm: Shane Curran
1pm – 2pm: Mike Die
2pm – 3pm: Steven Daily

11am – 12pm: Chris Ryniak
1pm – 2pm: Tara McPherson
3pm – 4pm: Jacob Crippen

12pm – 1pm: Miss Mindy
1pm – 2pm: Luke Chueh
2pm – 3pm: Brandi Milne

11am - 12pm: Camilla d’Errico
3pm – 4pm: Mike Die

"The Brothers Washburn will be in the booth for high fives, hugs and chit chat"

Fuluto series by KusoVinyl x TobyHK to debut at San Diego Comic Con


KusoVinyl will debut the Fuluto series designed by Toby this year at San Diego Comic Con (www). They will also pre-release a few cases of it at their SDCC booth #605. We've been treated to factories sneaks and teasers before [tagged], so this is will be a new toy-treat for folks at the annual show. Check out the full-frontal online images below and snag yourselves a couple come Con-time!

[6 x images in slideshow above]
PRODUCT-PRESS: In the year of Rabbit, there gotta be some Rabbit characters!! TobyHK & KusoVinyl bring you the finger gesture skull rabbit figure, FULUTO. 4 inches tall. Each figure comes with different accessory. Total 24 different colorways. Each colorway is limited to either 100 or 200 pcs. We will pre-release a few cases (actually 8 cases) at SDCC 2011 Kuso’s booth #605. Be the first one to own this limited Fuluto series!

STEGOFOREST Resin Dinosaur by Ghost&Flower

[5 x images in slideshow above]
HISTORY: Stegoforest is from the late Jurassic period and was found in what is now known as the Pacific Northwest of North America. Stegoforest had an array of coniferous plants that grew from its back and are thought to have been used as camouflage. Stegoforest were herbivores, but it is also speculated that they gained energy through photosynthesis as well. They averaged a height of 10 meters (from foot to tree top), and a length of 9 meters. Although it bares a striking resemblance to the Stegosaurus, this creature was neither an animal or a plant, but somewhere in between making it hard for scientists to classify. The origin and veracity of Stegoforest is uncertain, as few remains are known to exist, and many have been falsified.

Designed by Jesse Narens (Ghost&Flower) and sculpted by Beth Graves (who sculpted Bwana Spoons Sloth n' Moth), the STEGOFOREST stands 4 inches tall and measures 7.5 inches long. Stegoforest also sports 2 points of articulation (In the head, and the front left leg). Priced at US$100 (shipped US / US$105 shipped International) - the first version is going to be made in resin, and is currently available for pre-order right now via (Figures to be shipped out by the end of August/early September).

In addition, you get to choose your own color when you order, and preorders come with a mini figure called "Battle Damaged Acorn Warrior" (2.5 inches long /shown directly above-right). Also note that preorders also get first dibs on the eventual vinyl version which should be happening later this year. The Acorn Warrior should be made a full-sized vinyl mini at some point, IMHO :)

Custom-Feature: Captain America Androids by Gary Ham for San Diego Comic Con 2011

"With Captain America releasing at the same time as San Diego Comic Con (www), I thought these custom Androids would be fun little way to celebrate both events. I painted 5 of them and they will be available at SDCC Booth #4836. The shield is detachable and can be attached to his arm or back. ~ mentions Gary Ham.

ELFQUEST (Panel Discussion) @ San Diego Comic Con 2011

San Diego Comic Con (www) is to host a panel for mystical 1970's comic book "ElfQuest" (how's that for a blast from the indie-past?) - including originators Wendy & Richard Pini, and new fan-based trailer "ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining" creators Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes. I remember being frustrated with trying to collect Elfquest in Singapore back when I was an impressionable youth - it was always frustrating as comicbook shops did not necessarily stock them, and I was ironically left with trawling thru second-hand bookshops (which means they HAD to come from somewhere, right? But WHERE?) and I lost interest pretty soon enough, unfortunately...

SDCC Panel Details: Friday, July 22nd at 8pm / San Diego Convention Center, Room 4

Panel Participants: Stephanie Thorpe (GOLD: Night of the Zombie King), Paula Rhodes (A Good Knight’s Quest), Wendy and Richard Pini (authors), with host Taryn Southern (Battle: Los Angeles)

About the Panel: The panel will examine the changing landscape of fan fiction, social media, and the web, bringing together the creators and cast of “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining”; along with special guests Wendy and Richard Pini, who will share exclusive, never-before-seen ElfQuest art and the latest news.

For Information or To Watch “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining” visit:

Custom-Feature: Flying Carpet by Doktor A (for Gentle Giants in Berlin)


This singular custom from Doktor A had me at a loss for words. Last seen as a 2D-black-n-white illustration (for his Tarnished Daydreams solo-show), now this creation is bound for the upcoming group exhibition "Gentle Giants" - opening at Strychnin Gallery Berlin on July 15th (at 7pm). Interested folk are to email Don't expect this beauty to be left hanging in the winds for long.

[6 x images in slideshow above]

Customs by Doktor A for Imaginary Menagerie @ OhNo!Doom

The Imaginary Menagerie show opened at the OhNo!Doom Gallery in Chicago. Now we've posted sneak here and there of what Doktor A had done - and what he had done, was splendid. Witness the following:

WHO: The Self Made Man"
WHAT: Vinyl, Epoxy resin, Polymer clay, Lead, A.B.S, Brass, Copper, Rubber, Glass, Vintage Brass drawing instruments, Steel. 12.5″ tall.
STORY: “More organs means more Human”! The twisted logic of a crazed surgeon bent on the attainment of actual organic life. He harvests all manner of internal organs from whatever unlucky indigenous lifeforms he can procure. Assembling and re-combining them in increasingly bizarre and imaginative ways about his inner cavities in the hope that one day he will truly be alive.

WHO: "Hugo Neko-Lapin" - Made in collaboration with Amanda Louise Spayd.
WHAT: Customised Mini Skelve figure from Circus Posterus. Designed by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.
Polyurethane Resin, Epoxy resin, Polymer clay, Rubber, Lead Brass, Vintage clock and watch parts, vintage display dome.
4.5″ (7″ in display dome)
STORY: Hugo was originally fashioned with the countenance of a Cat. He has never felt it suited him. In fact he has always been happier following the life of a Rabbit. He eventually discovered a network of secret underground clubs populated by likeminded souls who also felt erroneously equipped. Here he could indulge in his Rabbit fantasies without ridicule. Sadly he cannot afford to undertake the alteration work himself, so has applied to the City Hall for a grant to cover the engineering. To prove he is serious in his intent he must live openly as a rabbit for a year. “Too many ears!” people whisper unsympathetically behind his back.

WHO: "Colonel Henry Walrus Caruthers" with his latest – Specimen the Gullyskumpler. (Collaboration with Chris Ryniak.)
WHAT: Customised Lefty toy designed by HiCalorie. Vinyl, Epoxy Resin, Lead, Brass, Walnut wood, Brass, Glass, A.B.S. Found Objects.
STORY: Although appointed leader of the Herringbone wildlife research expedition the Colonel doesn’t really have a proper grasp on their intent. Drafted in from the army to provide experience and knowledge in the fields of remote and difficult travel across uncharted terrain. Adept at handling fire-arms with his prehensile moustache, he unfortunately cannot resist the urge to take occasional pot shots at the wild-life. Especially sad when it is some of the rarer fauna. “Well there wont be many chances to bag one of these buggers soon”!  is his justification.

WHO: "Search Engines"
WHAT: Customised Android toys created by DYZ Plastic. Series of 5. Vinyl, Polymer clay, Lead, Rubber, Vintage Brass clock key. 3″ tall.
STORY: These helpful little fellows were designed to help hunt out all those things you have trouble finding. Set them a item to find in a bustling department store, or a departure platform at a sprawling railway station and they will track them down for you in a mere jiffy.

Pocket Change Series 1 Art Coins for San Diego Comic Con


October Toys will be debuting a new collaboration art coin project at the coming San Diego Comic Con (www). Check out the swell image above and the product write-ups below:
PRODUCT-PRESS: Introducing Pocket Change Art Coins! Series 1 is set to debut at San Diego Comic Con 2011 at October Toys booth #4838 and features coins by Andrew Bell, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Scott Tolleson, and 64Colors. Each limited edition, 1.5" engraved metal coin will be available for $10. Shiny flippable fun included with every collectible coin! If any coins are available after the convention, they will be available for purchase on

Chekout what Andrew Bell has on the back of his coin:


WHAT: Pocket Change Art Coins are proudly presented by Ben Goretsky of, Scott Tolleson of StolleArt, and George & Ayleen Gaspar of October Toys. The Pocket Change team works in collaboration with a variety of fantastic artists to craft each series of coins for maximum fun and awesomeness.

Usagi Yojimbo Custom Labbit by Stan Sakai & Year of the Rabbit Exhibition @ JANM


Custom Labbit by Stan Sakai showcasing his own rabbit-ronin creation "Usagi Yojimbo" - created to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit at the Japanese American National Museum - where Usagi is being showcased! Looks to be a swell design for a production piece, yeh? Kidrobot and Dark Horse should hook-up for a limited run of this, don't you think?

Here's a coupla videos showcasing the event and layout of the exhibit. Year of the Rabbit: Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo exhibits from July 9 through October 30, 2011.



WHAT-IS: A retrospective exhibition at the Japanese American National Museum celebrating the award-winning work of Stan Sakai—original drawings and paintings, a new video about Sakai from our award-winning Watase Media Arts Center, a special Usagi Yojimbo photo opportunity, and other fun activities designed by the artist. []

Custom-Feature: Radioactive Puffin Juice Labbit by Camilla D'Errico


Camilla D'Errico has customized a Frank-Kozik-designed Labbit for the Japanese American National Museum - in a special exhibit honoring Stan Sakai and his Usagi Yojimbo comic book series. Named “Radioactive Puffin Juice” - this looks to be an awesome custom-paint indeed! Kidrobot should really consider releasing an Artist Labbit Series, IMHO.

FYI: This Labbit is part of the Year of the Labbit Custom Show (Exhibiting from July 14 through September 11, 2011) and will be made available thru the Museum store.

Teaser Poster for The Dark Knight Rises


Peep the new Teaser Poster for "The Dark Knight Rises" (courtesy of Latino Review) showing the Gotham cityscape crunched together to form the Bat-sign = goose-pimplage awesomesauce! We last saw Batman taking the blame for Harvey Dent's "death", and looks to be Gotham is nigh on his heels this time!

LR also mentioned that the teaser trailer for the film will be online this week - so that's going to be a nail-biter till then! "The Dark Knight Rises" opens Summer 2012.

Custom-Feature: Zangeif PAWS by Jon-Paul Kaiser

"This was a Coarse Toys PAW which I've customised by resculpting the head and painting him up as the icon of bear-wrestling cool: Zangief from Street Fighter 2. He's a great character, and with the over-the-top musculature of the PAW figure, I felt he was perfect for this character." ~by Jon-Paul Kaiser

[More Zangief here]

Project Squadt Reveal: NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole] by Ferg


We've seen the GASSED Retailer Edition. now peep Ferg's arcticlicious SQUADT FROZN NOZZEL Edition from Playge (Yes, we have seen them before). No product details as yet = will update once product info is made available!

UPDATED-INFO: NOZZEL S004 [frozn whole] - Retail Available Now. (Please contact your favorite retailers for availability)
6" vinyl, ABS and cloth - Includes: sqocom sMK23 pistol with removable laser and suppressor, sUMP with red dot scope, 3 dot pattern
arctic parka with fur lined hood. 2 sets of arms, and removable helmet.
Retailers please email >> or for order/pricing details.

Custom-Feature: Comic Stripped - Captain America Munny by VISEone

"When I started my COMIC STRIPPED series I promised myself and to all collectors that bought my pieces - there will never be more than 2 of the same theme. Here and there I made different platforms of the same themed character and I made a 3rd SIMPSONS themed QEE which is just a showpiece and not for sale. However - because of the sculpting parts and the collage technique they are all unique in some way." ~ says VISEone
"Some time ago I got asked for a CAPTAIN AMERICA commission by two different collectors and this time I tried to stay with one concept - so they really look the same. Again because of the collages and used comics - they are not the same. This time I tried to match the CAPTAIN AMERICA suit with how I applied the collage onto the 7" MUNNY and I hope you can see what I tried here." ~adds VISEone

Made from a 7" MUNNY, Apoxie Clay, Collage Technique, Acrylic Paint, Brushwork. The iconic shield will be added shortly.

Custom-Feature: Biohazard Tube Dunnys by VISEone


MESSAGE FROM VISEONE: "For my soloshow at OUTLANDSTORE, Amsterdam i finished some new edition to my TUBE DUNNY series called "BIOHAZARD TUBE DUNNYS". Those are limited to only 6 pieces and come in a biohazard yellow/green colorway. One is still available through me (contact[at] or you can grab yourself one of three left at"

Toy2R @ San Diego Comic Con 2011


Toy2R will be debuting the series of Artist 5" Mini Qees at San Diego Comic Con (www) Booth #601 - featuring:
- Deady "Big in Japan" 5" Mini Qee by Voltaire
- Uncle Argh 5" Mini Qee by Scott Tolleson (signing at 1:00pm on THURS)
- Atomic Beartank by Smash Tokyo Toys (available at October Toys booth)

As well we will see Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5" Mini Qees Sneak Peeks (and more) of which his Nathaniel Vigo 5" Mini Qee and Olaf the Mute 8" Qee is shown beside below (via Toy2R-USA), waiting for their Captain, of the Whispering Corsair! Going to be quite a showcase of JPK's designs too, IMHO.


WWR Medic Armstrong by 3A Toys


WWR Medic Armstrong in 1/6th from 3A Toys just revealed. Will it drop alongside the WWR Medic Grunt previously blogged] Swell notion to have an entire squad of Medics released tho (I have my G1 Medic Square somewhere, so this'll be sweet!).

Square does advance, Armstrong provides security, and the doc does his medical-duties! Yes, I think like a team-builder after all … LOL

ESC x SDCC 2nd Reveal: Little Axe Pinku with print (Charity Sales)


Peep the 2nd reveal for the 3rd Release for San Diego Comic Con (www) from Erick Scarecrow x ESC Toy. Titled: "The Little Axe Pinku" -the all-pink figurine comes with a 8 x 10 giclee print by Japanese Manga Artist Moa, who also mentioned: "I included a snippet of it". - with her translation of Little Axe based on Erick's layout.

Limited to 15 pieces worldwide with a SRP of US$300 per - this is a charity figure with 50% of the sales being donated to Japan relief.


Wood Print Exclusives for San Diego Comic Con by Hi-Fructose: Joe Ledbetter & Alex Pardee


For the coming San Diego Comic Con (www) - artist Joe Ledbetter will be making available the above print (5-Silkscreen print on wood) - courtesy of Hi-Fructose Magazine, and as well be signing at the Hi-Fructose booth on Friday July 22nd @ noon and also at 5pm. Neither quantities nor price is mentioned. Artists inclusive in this series of wood prints also include Alex Pardee (Piece shown below), Buff Monster and Junko Mizuno as well.

[Sized 11"x14" - limited to 50 signed and numbered pieces]

PARTIAL-PRESS: Hi-Fructose with be presenting an Oasis of Chaos at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, featuring signings, art-centric exclusives, book launches, exclusive appearances, and selections from the Pressure Printing archives. We're also doing a stunning series of expertly printed wood prints from five amazing artists! [via]
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