Preview of TV Eye Customs for 'Happy Shocks Victim Shakes Guerilla Rawk' @ The GOODSDEPT


Here's a preview of TV EYE customs destined for launch at The GOODSDEPT at Plaza Indonesia Ext (4th floor) - where Happy Shocks Victim Shakes Guerilla Rawk: TV Eye Exhibition launches March 16 and exhibits thru March 23rd. Full-images to be seen HERE in my FB-album (Do feel free to tag yourselves if you are the originator of the custom, yeh? Thanks!)

I've previously featured TV Eye-customs from Indonesia-based designers and artists [CLICK to view] and am constantly fascinated with customs from this side of the world, and the previews here today does not disappoint much. Kudos, everyone!

(Cheers for the headsup, Fredy!)

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