COSPLAY & TK Masks @ Re-Venture by 3A Toys (#RVHK2012)


With the character creations coming out of 3A Toys' factories, it might be pretty much a somewhat 'daunting' task to 'cosplay' the robots, but the humanoid characters? Ripe for cosplaying, methinks! Seen at launch night for Re-Venture on Saturday night was NOM deEPLUME and BAKA!

And while I am unsure if either were actual fan-cosplay or hired proxies (ala the two Tomorrow Queens), it was "interesting" to see their existence - although I have to say "Baka" was a bit "short" lah ... Hell, 3A might well make a 'killing' with 1:1-scaled pistols from NOM if ever they were produced tho! But yes, I am getting ahead of myself again here … Will the two cosplayers stand out, please? :)


Although I have to say, the production of the TK / Tomorrow King masks from 3A was BRILLIANT! Now EVERYONE can "cosplay" to be a TK! And with three styles of masks in existence (differing colors and one with a goatee), this may well be one of the 'cleverest' promo attempt I've seen in a while, IMHO. Heck, I WANT a TK Mask myself!

[Images by Naen Othman + Pansy Chan / Terenace Tam - Posted with Permission]

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That's so awesome! Not 12 inch any more!

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