Online Preview for THE GREAT ESCAPE by Andrew Bell & Kelly Denato @ The Stranger Factory


Launched on April 6th (and exhibiting thru to April 30th, 2012) is The Great Escape - featuring the works of Andrew Bell and Kelly Denato, on show at The Stranger Factory. The online preview of which is currently "live" and viewable via (as well all artwork is mirrored HERE on my FB-album). All inquiries must be emailed to: - with online purchase inquiries being accepted starting 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Monday, April 9th.


Am extremely interested seeing the 3-dimensional forms of Denato - with a focus on foxes, ribbons and strawberries, and of Andrew Bell's creations, taking yet again a huge step towards his hugely sympathetic creature creations, this time with a larger stroke of bleakness, it seems. And what I enjoy about these imagery, is that whatever happenstance is depicted in them, the characters seem less likely to be able to "escape" their trap/predicament, and imperfect-irony of "The Great Escape" rolls down the face of dreams silently, IMHO… Nevertheless swell imagery either way.


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