Popbot Kitties @ Re-Venture by 3A Toys (#RVHK2012)


This year's equivalent to 2010's 3A Beijing WWR Squares at the weekend's Re-Venture show, is Popbot's Kitties from 3A Toys. Made larger than life and in multiple colorways, I really enjoyed the collar-and-tie aspect of the figurine! Now, it would be interesting to see these figures being purchased by collectors and displayed around the world, ala Squares, it would be a sweet-sight indeed!

FYI: All 10 x Kitties have already been spoken for - so congrats to the 10 new lucky owners! Although I am not too sure if the below larger-the-life Kitty will be sitting in anyone else's living room soon… heh.


[More images on Re-Venture blog + 3A VOX]

[Images by Re-Venture blog + Ying Choy / Pansy Chan - Posted with Permission]

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