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Custom-Feature: Juohmaru Celsius by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

Juohmaru-Celsius-Rotobox-01 Juohmaru-Celsius-Rotobox-02

From Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica comes the Juohmaru Celsius Custom - available in an edition of 3 pieces, priced at US$340 (inclusive shipping) each via www.rotoboxvinylanatomica.com or by emailing them at info@rotoboxvinylanatomica.com. As well you need to go to THIS FB-album to see the images individually!

WHAT-IS: "Juohmaru" is a miniature PlaWrestler pocket robot (with super LSI circuit) owned by a young boy named Sanshiro Sugata, in the Japanese manga series titled "Plawres Sanshiro" - written and illustrated by Jirō Gyū.

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