About That FONZO DIY-Edition from Gary Ham x Freakstore


And while I've only just posted about the CHASE edition FONZO by Gary Ham x Freak Store (and that lil'titbit about the SDCC-Edition GID edition) - there now exists a 4th version of the 6" vinyl, and it is the DIY Edition! And it all starts with a (series?) of Custom Fonzo Shows! More information on that soon (I know at least Seio Mancini will be a part of the artist line-up, as i snagged a pic from him!), and as well the Fonzo DIY will be available in a couple of weeks worldwide.
"Freak Store still making news, in this opportunity is proud to present "Fonzo" DIY 6 inches. "Fonzo" is inspired by a French bulldog mascot of the store, represents an ideal platform for customs. They soon will be making Custom Fonzo Shows, so stay tuned for more info."

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