TOYPIXDAY: Due-G by Brian McCarty


This Brian McCarty-snap really brings me back to a time when collecting toys was "fun" and the excitement of "discovery" was as exhilarating as it was intense. I was lucky in that I managed to snag and own a trio of Due-G figurines (my toy-collecting story here), and I have been searching for more of them ever since … I like the above figure kitbashed with a photographer's outfit too!

In an era of 1/6th Military, and "urban vinyl toys" scene in Hong Kong, this was one of the few that did not blossom as much as it should have, IMHO. Eventually Eric so did more one-offs, and this was what led me to his Sprite-figures (I think, or was it the other way around?) and Phase02 sets. Those were glorious days of collecting, IMHO.

... but then again, "bendy" hands was all the rage back then LOL

Source: Brian McCarty

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