Sketchery #1: TOYSREVILART Does Anime + Manga

In an ideal world, the covers would be in color … but
in my real world, perhaps black on red color paper? LOL


Tasked myself with a "challenge" on faithful Thursday night, that I would draw for, and produce a mini sketch-booklet featuring anime and manga-related doodles from yours truly, to release to coincide with Anime Festival Asia! Which essentially meant I had a day to draw, print, format and self-stapled ("self-publishing" to it's hilt!).

Time now is a few seconds past midnight of Sunday morning, and way past the opening of AFA Day 1, and realistically I will not be able to make Day Two's deadline … nevertheless I've gone too far ahead to stop now, so I'll release this somewhen soon! Shown up top is a sample of how the cover might be, and as well below are some further WIPs ~ indulge me, please?


Brand new sketchery done on Friday. And why I insisted on having these A5-sized white cards to draw on, is because I will be making most of them available via "blind packs" to go along with the "Limited Edition" numbered sketch-booklets (noticeably 10 copies or less, maybe). The regular booklets will feature the artwork in it's pages tho :p


Without the facilities of a scanner, I actually take digital photographs of my sketchery, to go thru photoshop, before formatting on the page, cut-n-paste, before printing via the zeroing machine at the neighborhood shop. Sorry folks, wish I could go more "hi-tech" with my products, but I work with what I have, along with sweat and tears (and hopefully a "bloodless" endeavor lol).

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