Stevie The Wonder Mouse by Okedoki


Okedoki debuts "STEVIE The Wonder Mouse" at the recent DesignerCon, exuding a strong(er) cartoon character creation. Intriguing a development, after the success of Benny the Dreamer and the recent release of the canine Puck, with this possessing a more definitive pathos versus the prior aesthetically-fueled designs, which might well charm the bunny slippers off folks … but that's just my humble opinion. This could work. Check out the work-in-progress of making the Stevie prototype here.

"Meet Stevie....the wonder mouse. He's a miserable mouse, but you can see he's also a survivor. I painted the little heart tattoo on his right arm to represent hope and perseverence. Hope you like it!" ~Okedoki.
Image via Ginger Chen.

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