SUCKCON @ DesignerCon 2012

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Here are images of The SUCKCON at DesignerCon - featuring a retrospective spread of The Sucklord's past resin toy releases (which needs a permanent place of exhibit somewhere, I insist), which is a pretty impressive body of work, indeed! As well a look at the artist-fueled SUPER SUCK-UP resin figurines series - whereby a host of folks worked on a Boba-Fett-ish non-articulated figurine in a swell coup of bootleggery marrying the covert/overt production of self-made toys, with respectable artisans! *GENIUS*

Limited to 50pcs each and priced at a standard US$100 (or US$75 for a SuckPeg) - currently some pieces of which might be available - email for dibs. According to their Facebook mention customs from Luke Chueh and Scott Wilkowski has since been Sold Out.

[10 x images in the slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]
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Images via Ginger Chen + DKE Toys

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