Sunset Boris & Custom Crispy Burnt Boris from Bwana Spoons


I've always been frustrated with attempting to publish news about Bwana Spoons-releases, primarily because I am not clever enough to decipher the information! But once in a while, a spark flickers in my brainwaves, and I think I get the gist, well, enough to share with you folks anyways!

Stay tuned to the release of SUNSET BORIS via on Friday November 30th @ 12noon Pacific - with the unpainted orange neon vinyl figurine coming along with a signed and numbered giclee mini print on archival bamboo paper (both posted above). And if you (like me) are insure of how Boris looks like, check out he's earlier toy-incarnations directly below:


And in addition to Sunburst Boris, there are these custom incarnations to be had! "What was Boris thinking that he could just go and grab and hug the sun like that. totally unsmart times 2." = Burnt to a crisp and looking exceptionally radiant in blackish! *I LIKE*

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