Clutter Exclusive "Greased Lightning" Greasebat (Dec 12 sale)

Oh my, Clutter is really going hard and fast with exclusives and toy releases recently, aren't they? Ever since setting up the Clutter storefront and HQ in New York, and launching their Designer Toy Awards in 2011, they've since released a slew of products, and as well am repping for Ron English (who is currently having his "12 Days Of Madness" Christmas-themed daily releases). The latest exclusive before 2012 wraps? The "Greased Lightning" Greasebat!

Cast in black vinyl and featuring a pink face and white eyes, and electric blue horns, and with blue and purple accent sprays, the 7" tall "Greased Lightning" Greasebats are limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, and priced at US$85 per. Produced by Monster Worship and Clutter Magazine, Greased Lightning Greasebat will be available here from Wednesday, December 12th at 12pm EST.

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