Crabby Bear Designer Plush Online Release by Martin Hsu


Martin Hsu shares with us news of the upcoming release of his Crabby Bear Designer Plush online this Wednesday, 12/5 at NOON PST. Folks interested are to email Martin direct at (from the specified "release time/date) with subject title "Crabby Bear!". Why instead of an online shop-listing, you ask? Read-ON:
"Crabby Bear designer plush is 100% handmade by Lana Crooks and locally sourced in Chicago. Due to the complexity of his design, we're only making 30 units total this time! He retails for only US$85 + US$12 US shipping/ international shipping TBD. Each Crabby Bear comes with certificate of authenticity signed & numbered by Lana and myself."
"He will be released 10 units at a time so Lana has enough time to hand sew everything. As you may know, he made his debut at DCon this year and due to the tremendous response, we only have 2 more spots out of 10 for Christmas delivery! Yes! Only "2" orders will be taken at this time for Merry Crabby Christmas... all additional orders will be put on list for 2nd release for 2/14/2013 shipping for Crabby Valentine's Day!" ~shares Martin

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