Custom Toys Roundup (Dec 9)


CANBOT is a series of customized Androids by Kenji Chai of BlackFryday - utilizing the Android-base on mtn cans. Not too sure about availability, but you'd do well by emailing for enquiries :)


Plaseebo's Molezilla in the hands of Mecha Virus only leads to splendid Mecha Molezillas … and this case with the drills-for-hand = MECHA MOLEDRILLAS! Stay tuned for availability details, folks!


Seems QUICCS is cooking up something cool with Mighty Jaxx, with this custom-WIP being a MJ-exclusive, and I reckon tis the first of many to come! Utilizing the 123klan figure, Quiccs handmade embossed the logo at back instead of acetone-ing it off. Looks to be a real doozy, no doubt!


THE THRASHER INVADER is a custom piece by CABLE made out of a combination of different toy-parts, and was done for TOYSREVIL 'Black Friday' event. Note that 20% of sales proceeds of this item will go towards the American Red Cross for 'Disaster Relief' (to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy). The reminder of the sales proceeds will go towards Cable himself. TOYSREVIL does not take a cut from this item.

This item is valid for purchase HERE, with sales ending January 23rd, 2013. This item will be shipped to you direct from artist!

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