Deathead S'murks (Blackout Version) by David Flores x HellFire Canyon Club x Blackbook Toy


Making it's debut at the "It's Been A Minute" solo show by David Flores, is DEATHEAD S'MURKS, with the all-black colorway being coined the "Blackout" Edition. Featuring a sculpt by Knuckle of Little Chop Design and made in Japan, right now this edition is available only at David's art show, with half of the stock (the quantity is unrevealed tho) already sold at the show itself. And there is no commitment on the number of figures being listed online for sales eventually.


Shown also here is a Blackout Edition with gold teeth painted on my David, if he happens to be in the gallery (nice touch tho!). Also shown here is the BLUE colored S'murk on canvas, which would look pretty sweet on the figure's eventual colorway! Last blogged, price was 6,300YEN (US$73+) purchasable here.

Blackbook Toy blogs more about it here.

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