Four Boob BOZWANGLER by CUPCO Available Now!

EXCLAMATION-LADEN-PRESS: 'BOZWANGLER on sale now! Four boob Bozwangler lives!!!!! After a horrible year the the four boob BOZWANGLER has finally returned from space!! Turd hat! Crab claws! Four boobs! Nice Belt. Bozwangler has it all! Available at the CUPCO shop…'

Priced at US$50 per, this 7" vinyl figure is limited to 200 units and was the 'star' of a recent group art show at Grass Hut. As mentioned, the production of this figure was via CUPCO himself, for your procuring considerations :)

Pretty excited about this figure then, and now - 4 x plastic boobies notwithstanding muahahahaha

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