Love Bomb by PHUNK x Mighty Jaxx

PRODUCT-PRESS: Love Bomb is an original life sized art sculpture by Phunk, which was shown at their solo exhibition titled “Universality” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. Mighty Jaxx worked with PHUNK to release this 12 inches tall version of the Love Bomb. The process was not easy but with the help of project partner 3D Matters, we have attained the final prototype. Love Bomb will be released at Art Stage Singapore 2013. It is now available for pre-order here.

Original Love Bomb is priced at US$288 each and made in a limited edition of 100 x 12″ High Gloss resin figure. I longed to own this piece since blogging about "Universality" back in 2007 (hey, I still don't own their Lei Gong figures tho), and an all-RED version would be boss! … but alas, this is out of my financial reach. Although this is swell timing to own this collectible, IMHO. Expect delivery of item in the first quarter of 2013. And as well a "limited edition" postcard art print will accompany only with this Pre-Order.

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