SHOGUN TK by 3A Toys for Dec 20 Pre-order


I know of quite a few friends are looking forward to 3A Toys' SHOGUN TK release, and their wish will be granted when they go on sale/pre-order December 20th @ 9AM Hong Kong time via! No price point revealed as yet for these 1/6th-scaled warriors, but at least we have three SHOGUNS on preview, and no doubt more to come closer to release date.

PRESS: "There were only ten that ever walked with us, that each could hold an army at bay single handed. They say we will never see their kind again and each of the ten shelter silent wisdom cast from a memory of the end. These are the SHOGUN TK."
UPDATED: Images from December VOX:
nsg sgo

PRODUCT UPDATE: Popbot Shogun TKs go on pre-order, on December 20th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Price is US$140 per single Shogun TK. 3AA members will have access to the SHOGUN HOLDOUT 2pack - priced at US$240 - and comes with a poster as well. Apparently there will be no 3Packs. (via)


lee said...

Great figure, I have queeny and Wasabi of the seven bones, but will have to give this one a miss, to close to Christmas :(


i know exactly what you mean, Lee! pretty hard to gauge response when there's no price revealed yet and Christmas is looming close... especially for folks like me, who does not get a "bonus" from the company at year end hahahaha

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