Supermannala by David Bonfils

"Supermannala is an Alsatian superhero inspired from the American comic books and Japanese manga, the model is a continuation of the book. Supermannala is a collectible art toy, who’s part of a process of cultures exchange and of generations, and is the link between modern Japanese culture, street art world, and Alsacian Culture.

Mannala – means in Alsacian the little man: This refers especially to the little guy made in buns by bakers and confectioners when season of Advent and St Nicholas approach. But can also refer to a boy or a man of small stature."

Supermannala was created and designed by David Bonfils aka way of spray - realized in 3D by Helium Alsace and manufactured in China. Reminds me of a series of "voodoo" keychain dolls, and even a lucre series of resin figurines from Patch Together actually. Nevertheless, this is here now, and there are two editions offered via


SUPERMANNALA: Color Figurine of 3.55 inch in limited edition of 700. Arms and head articulated. "SUPERMANNALA" and "WAY OF SPRAY" Engraved underfoot. Color creation by Way of Spray in numbered box. SRP is 25 Euros.


SUPERMANNALA WHITE MONOCHROME (SUPA WHITE): Figurine of 3.55 inch limited edition (x300) arms and head articulated Engraved "SUPERMANNALA" and "WAY OF SPRAY" underfoot. Creation by Way of Spray in its white box. SRP is 20 Euros.

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