Toy-Review: Dragon Eye Morrison in 1/6 (from "Electric Dragon 80.000 V")


Looking down at the loose figures on sale at Sunday's flea market, I recognized the character from a cult Japanese flick but failed to name it. Snagged it nevertheless and now I am extremely happy I scored myself a "Dragon Eye Morrison" from the 2001 movie; "Electric Dragon 80.000 V"! This character has the likeness of actor Tadanobu Asano - from whom I also have his character from Ichi The Killer (released by Medicom).

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Both the movie's protagonists "Dragon Eye Morrison" and the "Thunderbolt Buddah" were released by Medicom Toy in tin cases (Images from "Wookster" via) and were made in an edition of 200pcs each design for a "collector's club" (via).

My Morrison came in a swell fabric clothes, with the faux leather-jacket even possessing inner lining! The body was reminiscent of an old-school G.I.Joe and seriously nothing to rave over, in fact mine had pretty loose-joints. But I am not too concerned about structural integrity for a figure like this! Although I have to warn folks thinking about swapping out the body with a new one - I tried with my Dragon/DML body and it was a tight fit, much less the muscle-bound forms available in the market these days, IMHO.


A slice of Japanese "underground" cinema made toy (aka non-mainstream), this was a swell score for me, but I am hesitant to mention that they are worth top-dollar, unless of course you are a Tadanobu-fan. I bought mine loose at less than SGD$30 (without the gecko and tin case tho :p). Check out some moving visuals of the "Electric Dragon 80.000 V" posted below, while I go and figure out how to fit these pair of black chucks unto the figure (looks waaaay better on him, I reckon!).

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