TOYPIXDAY: CSC Score (Dec 2)


I remember the early days of toy-bloggery - or even before I decided to go full-time toy-bloggery - when I would post "toy-scores" of my trips to the Sunday Flea Market at China Square Central, and have not done so for many years, simply because I was languishing in poverty and could not afford to buy any stuff, much less step out of the house (true story). And not that now I am living in a lap of luxury or anything diabolically splendid a life like that, but i have since been able to treat myself with little rewards, for my daily efforts (well, someone's got to throw a bone for myself, you know? LOL).

Well, today turned out to be quite a "bonus" day, having missed the chance to meet up with a person, I wobbled along the tight-squeezed walkways of China Square Central today, along with my trusty walking cane, and walked home with some choice scores:


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