TOYPIXDAY: The Toys of Peter Kato (Dec 3-8)


This past week's TOYPIXDAY saw a focus on Peter Kato's resin figurines, which I personally adore! From his Pocket Powers line, to his Turtle Tetsujins, to recent debuts like Tako Cube and my favorite thus far; Ninja Robo! Self-made and painted, these creations by Peter run the gamut of anime-homages to figurines seemed as if they jumped out of an independent comicbook in the 80s (no small wonder Peter also draws comics).

I have attempted in my little way to introduce him to Singapore folks via "prizes" in my Gasaphon Capsules for AFA 2011, and am suitably proud of the TOYSREVIL-Edition Turtle Tetsujins for STGCC 2012. More of toy-joy rather than any back-patting, I assure you folks! Check out more of Peter's work via and purchase your own resin figurines via his online shop.


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