What We Know About: Jaeger CHERNO ALPHA (for "Pacific Rim")

Here is what I have gathered about the Jaeger from Russia codename "CHERNO ALPHA" (from the "leaked" blueprints):


01. Cherno Alpha is a two-pilot manned Jaeger.

02. Cherno Alpha stands 84 meters / 275 feet tall.

03. I do not know if it is intentional, but the helm of this Jaeger looks liken a nuclear reactor's hull, and the name "Cherno" might well means this Jaeger was a homage built in the name of "Chernobyl".

04. All stats are in Russian, hence I am able to extrapolate any additional info in addition to the numbers mentioned.

05. The limbs, sockets and even fingers remind me of the robots from 3A Toys! LOL

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