What We Know About: Jaeger COYOTE TANGO (for "Pacifc Rim")

Here is what I have gathered about the Jaeger from Japan codename "COYOTE TANGO" (from the "leaked" blueprints):


01. It is a single-pilot manned Jaeger (the only single-piloted in the 5 Jaegers shown) with the cockpit located at the helm of the robot.

02. It stands 82 meters / 269 feet tall (to the shoulder).

03. It looks a tad like the EVA / Evangelion-robot (which I adore).

04. The stats are in Japanese language, so I could not extract any info, but I am speculating the two attachments on it's back are either bazooka-cannons (would be awesome), or simply rocket launchers. Hope they get used in the movie tho!

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