Androids Bundle from Series 3 (for 'TOYSREVIL's Auction+Sale for Stroke')

UPDATED Feb 1st: All Auctions and Sales has since ended! Thank you for your considerations!


This is an order for a bundle of Android Collectibles from Series 3, courtesy of The Taken Shop. This bundle features 6 x Androids-designs shown here, with the figurines opened for review. Item will come with it's blind box and (torn) foil wrapping. Price is only US$45 for this single bundled set - t be sold only as this set, and not individually. You can purchase them HERE!

100% of the sales proceeds of this item is to benefit the Day Rehab Center of St. Andrews Community Hospital in Singapore.

Item will be mailed out flat in a box for an additional US$24 for International (includes 'Registered Article' status), and US$0 for local. Do note that shipping prices will not be included in the sale-proceeds tally. SALE ENDS on February 1st, 2013 @ 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time), or until item/s is/are sold.


ITEM: Androids Bundle from Series 3
ITEM STATUS: Direct Purchase here: for US$45.00 (excluding shipping)

- International S+H to be an additional US$24.00 (includes 'Registered Article' status).
- Local / Singapore S+H to be an additional US$10.


[1] 100% of the Sale Proceeds of this item will be donated to The Day Rehab Center at St. Andrew's Community Hospital in Singapore.
[2] The shipping price would not be in the final tally of the donation sum.
[3] All Auction and Sales End February 1st @ 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time / Singapore-clock:

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