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Black Fried Egggon for TOYSREVIL's Black Friday Sales To End January 23rd, 2013


If you are still confused about what "Egggons" really are, check out the above image of a "regular" Fried Egggon with trio-yolks! Now, I don't think you'd go poking at it with a fork tho LOL

Created by Bazak of Spain, the below-shown and solicited BLACK FRIED EGGGON is a "Black Friday"-exclusive edition to TOYSREVIL, with 50% of the sales proceeds will go towards the American Red Cross for 'Disaster Relief' (to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy). The remainder of the cost will revert to the artist - TOYSREVIL does not take any financial percentage in this solicitation.


Price is US$20 are 3.1" resin figure, and they are limited to only 10 pieces, they are available online HERE. Sales/orders will close at 12noon (+8 GMT / Singapore-time) on January 23rd, 2013 - no exceptions. Thank you for your considerations, and purchase!

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