Blue-Frog World's Custom Resin Series - 'Masks of DOOM'


Gary of Blue-Frog World shares with us info and images for his first Custom Resin Toy series that will be on display at the coming ToyCon UK on April 6th. Titled ‘Masks of DOOM’ - images shown here are WIPs from UME Toys, as well as a pic of the RAW mask on a 4” Dunny, plus the original custom which was entered into MunnyWorld Comp 2011. Shades of MF Doom no doubt, but intriguingly interesting this premise … sort of like "Art Toys in Cosplay", innate? LOL
"I’ve got 6 artists from around Europe to each do two custom designs on my resin mask. The artists are UME Toys, Don P,, Messymedia, Dr. Barbados and Uncle Absinthe. These will all be available to buy at Toy Con initially and then online after. There will also be DIY versions available for people to either buy and customize themselves or to get one of their favourite artists to custom for them." ~added Gary Boon

Note that the DIYs will retail for £7.50, while the status of the customs are still pending confirmation from individual artists. Stay tuned for further updates via his Facebook and Twitter @BlueFrogWorld!

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