Chemistry Enthusiast & Shotgun Enthusiast from Citizen Brick

CITIZEN BRICK ( is a "company in Chicago that makes short run "Lego compatible toys" and we print directly on lego pieces creating a whole "Legoland" that is not so family friendly. We think of it as daring to go where Lego won't." = And they share with us a couple of minifig releases:


Stick Up Enthusiast (Buy here)
“A Minifig must have a code,” Citizen Brick’s newest freelance antihero is wired for revenge. Complete with bulletproof vest, custom trench coat, do-rag, and sawed-off shotgun, our Stick Up Enthusiast will keep you at the top of your game. Indeed!'

Chemistry Enthusiast (Buy here)
"This minifig knows that science is serious business best left to professionals. In his stylish hazmat suit, Citizen Brick’s new Chemistry Enthusiast always puts safety first while cooking up the purest product on the market."

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