Dancing Lion Android by DYZPlastic


Deadzebra/DYZPlastic is poised to help you celebrate Chinese New Year with this Special Edition "Dancing Lion Android", now "dressed" to look like a Lion Dance-depiction of the oriental mammal, in auspicious RED, no less!

Available in two ways: online via Deadzebra shop starting Thursday, January 24th at 11AM Eastern Standard Time … and via Asian retailers HypePulse in China, City Super in Hong Kong, Android Fan store in Taiwan and Droidstore in Singapore. SRP is US$10. Would be boss to pair this up with my Cai Shen Android, methinks! **HUAT, AH!


also mentions that the Dancing Lion Android "includes one of 7 different auspicious scrolls and a head of green lettuce. The scrolls are wrapped, so you don't know what message you get until you open it up!"

(**Singlish: Hokkein slang for "Fatt Choy")

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