Meltdown Dunnys by Chris Ryniak x Kidrobot


"KIDROBOT LOVES CHRIS RYNIAK". That statement cannot be further from the toy-truth, as KR is set to release not one, but FOUR x 8" Dunnys, and all in glow-in-the-dark colorways too! 500 pieces of each colorway, the Meltdown Dunny is priced at US$75 and scheduled for a February 14th drop. Last seen as a 3" Dunny from the Apocalypse-series, looks like the lil'dude's radiation mutation got him all huge and bothered, innit? *AWESOME*

AVAILABILITY: 'Green Edition is sold through Kidrobot retail stores, Yellow Edition is available through, Pink Edition is sold through specialty toy stores here in the US, and the Orange Edition will be available internationally through specialty toy shops there.' [Via]

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