TK Klub for 3AA 2013 by 3A Toys

3AA 2013 opens for orders tomorrow January 15th @, with the sale duration being 24hours, starting at 9:00AM Hong Kong time (pretty much equivalent to Singapore-time / Re: Price is adjusted to US$180 (initially was pegged at US$190), and as well teased today (via the image above), that 3AA members for 2013 have the option to join the TK KLUB for 2013, with details for said happenstance to be revealed soon.

Given the obvious toy-support shown from the Legion across the globe, this looks like a no-brainer (unless of course, a huge sum of money is involved! But then again…).

I'll be out before 9am for a hospital visit by then, so I'll at least have a few hours to consider it before I get back and possibly sign on for the 5th year …maybe…

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