Update for ENTERBAY Release of 1/6 Michael Jordan

I was gonna post images of exhibition and product-snaps swiped from other folks of the 1/6 Michael Jordan release in Hong Kong, until ENTERBAY posted these notes on their Facebook - self-explanatory, I reckon! Click here to read the Chinese/Mandarin-text version ... And yes, of course I will still post the swiped-pics, slightly later, I reckon ;p

01. Bring personal identification documents.
02. No queuing in the Paradise Square garden.

(Even with Police on site, there are still complaints)
03. Register to get a ("lottery"-styled) ticket a day only.
04. FREE Warm Up Suit for the figure will not be given during this period, but to collect separately from the ENTERBAY flagship store in March. REMEMBER to keep and bring your receipt!

Quite interesting the last point … so flippers can't really commit to selling the entire product, until they get the free item in March? What do YOU think folks? Will you still go for the figure now? ... So okay fine, here's a snap of the 1/6-scaled figure's inner-body for you to gawk at (courtesy of Plastic Enemies via Enterbay Collectors):


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