"Year of the Snake" Platinum Edition Optimus Prime (from Hasbro) In Singapore's Toys'R'Us


Spotted at Toys'R'Us at Tampines Mall, was this auspiciously packaged Transformer collectible, featuring Optimus Prime! First bought popped into my head then: That the box storage was filled with Mandarin Oranges! LOL

This Platinum Edition Optimus Prime comes in a window box with opening flap, and features gloss-gold printed over a slightly darker red box, and the text "Year of the Snake" certainly marks the timeline of this figure! Price is SGD$119.90. Not exactly "art toy" news-worthy, but tis a swell way to make a product "relevent" to a celebratory season … at the very least packed to "sell"? LOL


BBTS has it on pre-order for US$79.99, and there's another Omega Supreme version to be had as well (more images posted here)… and for a moment, I was severely tempted … but I remembered "why" I stepped into Toys'R'Us in the first place (Looking for TOUMA's Power Rangers … yes, I am being naive that a toy-miracle could happen lol).


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