Action Portable Tomorrow Queens by 3A Toys On Pre-order Now


I probably am going to regret not picking this entire series up (I already have everyone else in 1/6 tho, besides Interloper and Lolli TQ), but nevertheless, YOU should't be denied this chance!

Available right NOW for pre-order at is the Action Portable versions of 5 x Tomorrow Queens Queeny (from 7 Bones), Lolli, Princess, Vanilla Pod and Interloper - and yes, these are the first time the ladies are joining the 1/12th-scale line-up from 3A Toys! Price is US$45 (before 3AA discount) for each of them … and of course there is a 5-Pack set (titled: "AP TQ 10 FEET TO LICK SET") priced at US$180 to be had. Keep your 1/12th TQs "company", yeh? Shipping is listed to be in the third quarter of 2013.

I wish there was a AP TQ Irini tho - LOVE that baby-dress! LOL

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