Custom-Feature: 'All Stitched Up' by Carson Catlin (for 'Art Without Boarders')

All-Stitched-Up-Carson-Catlin-1 All-Stitched-Up-Carson-Catlin-3

All Stitched Up was created by Carson Catlin (www) for the "Art Without Borders" @ Art Whino [Blogged]. Retailing for US$600 - a portion of the proceeds will go to Doctors Without Boarders - at Art Whino on February 23rd.
"The challenge was to create something based on a medical theme. My choice was to use the 8" dunny platform with the iconic red cross on its head. The cross was extracted along with all the other pieces. A coat of red paint inside with a bright white exterior followed along with a medical theme. To tie it all together I used red thread and reattached the red cross from earlier. One my favorite pieces." ~shared Carson.

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