Custom-Feature: Final Four DunnyTown from Task One


And with the final 4 x designs released in the DunnyTown series(available to purchase here), Task One has effectively created a, well, toy town! Now someone needs to do a map-styled display, complete with paved roads, road-signs and, an, and … but of course I am getting ahead of my own imaginations, innit?

The Dispensary, Coffee Shop, Bob's Burgers, and the Chase Bank "chase" are the newest additions to the DunnyTown Landscape. And the only way to get the Chase Bank "chase" figure is to purchase all four together!

"The series has been a lot of fun and I amazed by the amount of interest there has been in the set. Also by the amount the orders have gone up since I started. I can't thank everyone enough. maybe we will revisit DunnyTown with a Series 2 down the road, but for now I am happy to be bringing this to a close and excited to start working on some of the newer things coming down the task pipeline!" ~shared Task One.

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