Custom QiQi from Stitches and Glue + Reet Neet

"Heres our little moth called Ren. He was a real joint effort between Becky and I, here in the studio. Becky made some fantastic wings and I sculpted the features and gave them an extra touch of texture with a good flocking, which was then artworked. We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try out some new ideas and very pleased with the results." ~shared Stitches and Glue.
Duo custom-updates from Stitches and Glue, and Reet Neet, with both customs made specifically for Project QiQi - to debut at the coming ToyConUK in April via Creo Design.

Shown below is "Petey Piranha", and is based on the Mario Bros. video game. Made by Reet Neet (Facebook / @Reetneet) and you can read more via


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