Dream Tomica 'Batmobile' by Takara Tomy


From Takara Tomy comes "Dream Tomica" = a series focused on homage-based vehicle model cars, including Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, Hello Kitty, and for this particular post, for DC Comics' BATMAN with two Batmobiles! The one being featured here is the Anton Furst-designed goth/noir-marvel from Tim Burton's feature film of 1989 - which to me personally is THE definitive Batmobile, IMHO.

[Individual snaps uploaded HERE on my dedicated Facebook-album]
Dream Tomica 'Batmobile' Size Dream Tomica 'TUMBLER' teaser

I had been a huge fan of model cars in my gentle-youth, and had a huge collection (my fav was the Starsky & Hutch red+white Ford Gran Torino actually!), to which my mum insisted she had not throw away, but was "stolen" instead (?). And I had frankly been resisting collecting cars since … until today at China Square Central, when ironically I was at the cashier counter paying for something else instead … turned out to be one of my swellest buys today! Enjoy the pics, folks!

(I'll take a closer look at the Dark Knight's Tumbler in another post soon!)

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