First Look at Art Hustle Series 3 Trading Cards

The promo card quite simply the most splendid
of trading cards in the set (juz'sayin!)

Courtesy of The Art Hustle, I received some goodies from Simeon Lipman of The Cardhacks, to which I promptly broke my TAH3-"cherry" by opening a pack, to find I pulled a "chase" Luke Chueh STAND UPS (which features 9 works from the "Monkey With Hats" series - which is AWESOME). So now I'm wondering whether to open all the packs for myself (to try and snag more chase editions ;p), or give some away in contests … decisions, DECISIONS! LOL


Read up what the Art Hustle Series 3 is all about HERE, and check out what Art Cards have been revealed thus far Tagged HERE. With a release in February, go bug your fav retailers for availability! For further Art Hustle series info do check out and their Twitter stream @TheArtHustle!

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