Giant Robot Presents: Luke Rook Is Grody To The Max


Opening February 23rd is "Luke Rook is Grody to the Max" - a solo show @ Giant Robot 2 (, exhibiting thru March 13th, 2013. Check out updates on the Facebook events page) and read the event press posted below.
"Luke Rook is a toy maker who moved to Japan to pursue his dreams of being part of the toy world. He researched and soon hit the ground running. He soon gained international recognition for his Grody Shogun figures as well as his unrelenting approach to toy making. There’s none other like him. His humbleness in his work is almost unique and his creativity and ability to think of how toys can be created and put together are that of a fine artist. He won’t hesitate to use parts and pieces that are normally discarded to use. He’ll blend parts of one figure and put them on another to create an entirely different object. We’re proud to bring his works to you in a gallery setting."

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