New Figures from Mark Ultra: Black Guard 2 + UltraColors (Feb 7 sale)


Releasing this Thursday the 7th at 11pm EST from Mark Ultra is a series of resin figurines - featuring BLACK GUARD 2 (shown above) priced at US$16 - "After selling out almost instantly, and getting emails from all over the world requesting more, I've brought the black guard back for another go!" adds Mike.

Shown below are two multicolored series, with the left showcasing ULTRACOLOR MIX-UPS, priced at US$16, with the figures cast in mixed colors and packed randomly. Shown below-right is the ULTRACOLOR INTRUDERS - cast in "super-bright" colors, these will be priced at US$12 per. All figures come poly bagged with header card! Purchase them all via

image-1 image-2

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