Rotobox Parallel Works: Yamagata's Robot (Akira) by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica


For their next custom-inclusion into their "Parallel Works" in their "RealRobot Series", Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica takes on YAMAGATA's ROBOT - with their take on the infamous anime AKIRA! Remember Kaneda's Bike x Robot featured HERE? Seen here is a robot made from a Celsius, with a rider/driver from a C.I.Boy. This piece is an edition of 1, and it has since been SOLD!


To refresh your memories again, in the manga, "Yamagata" was part of the Kaneda-led "Capsule" gang, and that "pipe-staff" in it;s hand, was used to take down some members of the "Clown" gang! Yamagata was eventualy killed off by Tetsuo tho. Not too huge a character, I reckon, but hey, if he warrants a build like this, who am I to argue otherwise! Check out the below featured scaled-comparison next to their 16" Combattler V (Jumbo Machinder) custom!


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