TOKYO x CREATIVES UAMOU Documentary on Indiegogo

"My name is Niko Lanzuisi and I am a Tokyo Visual Arts film graduate. Last year I have shot over 5 hours of footage, giving an unprecedented look into the studio and life of one of the world's leading vinyl toy designers. However the work needs editing, sound mixing, colour correction and english translation to become a roughly 20 minute documentary.

In order to release this material in the best form it could be, I have started a humble indiegogo campaign asking for support for post production."

Featured in TOKYO x CREATIVES is UAMOUs by Takagi Ayako. And the Indie gogo campaign can be found at this link, and you can find out more about Niko via and @studiodonbe. And uploaded unto this album on Facebook is a selection of promo images for the project. Looks to be an exceptional project to come, loving the treatment of the aesthetics, tone and mood seen in the trailers.

campaign poster

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