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I have watched REDLINE today, and I have seen my genre-desires made anime. Having been released in late 2010, I reckon I missed out on this as it was around the time of my Stroke, but nevertheless I survived the ordeal, and was clued in most recently from gift of a movie poster from Richard Mijares! Imagine that…

Written by Katsuhito Ishii (whose "Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl" I remembered well, I still have the VCD haha) and directed by Takeshi Koike (for which if you have seen "World Record" in the animated 'The Animatrix' anthology, you'd recognize this style immediately). The Redline anime is superbly produced by Madhouse, and I can imagine no other folks doing this, IMHO.

Vibing the eclecticness of Wacky Races (which I love) and the hyper-technologies of a misbegotten far-flung-future at the smoking-hot barrel-end of "Speed Racer" (which I really love) speeding thru missile explosions and landmass-destruction, the film itself was an extreme swell-sci-fi-ride indeed, and is one of the best depictions of the anime genre I've seen for years. But this is not a "movie review" per se (THIS instead, is). This post is about essentially about the toys and figurines which was seen in 2010, but somehow have not seen the light of production day since?


Here are some snaps of the model vehicles, based on the final line-up of racers in the REDLINE race on Planet Roboworld (via and as well uploaded HERE on my dedicated Facebook album. I don't even know who produces these models actually LOL

Shown below is the scaled prototype of the Yellow "Transam" (via belonging to the racer - and main protagonist of the anime - "Sweet JP", which undoubtably reminded me of "Bumblebee" in 'The Transformers' … oh how I wish this was a production model car tho! With "breakaway" ability too (ala the anime … oops *SPOILER*).


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